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How to improve product quality?

How to improve product quality?

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In order to improve the product quality in the process of production, the following points should be made
In order to improve the product quality in the process of production, the following points should be made:
First, it is best to operate at low speed during the trial production. After being familiar with the machine performance, it can gradually increase the production speed, so as to ensure the production safety and product quality.
2. The correct control of temperature and pressure is very important in operation. If it is not well controlled, it is very easy to have an accident and may even damage the machine. Heating embossing styling, we can control the problem, according to the material properties in general will be between 40 and 90 ℃ temperature control, avoid by all means using ultra high temperature to stereo printing, embossing print color in case or deformation, avoid the roller body deformation due to affected by high temperature. Embossing working pressure should be according to the thickness and density of print materials, and discretionary in the range of 3 to 8 mpa to control, must not blindly in pursuit of high definition the embossing effect of increased pressure, so as to avoid because of the heavy pressure and the pressure roller deformation.
3. Pay attention to the relationship between machine speed, temperature and pressure and embossing effect. Generally speaking, electronic commerce, the machine speed is slow, the temperature is high, the pressure is big, the pressure grain effect is relatively good, but must be moderate, otherwise, affect the product's embossed quality. For high compactness and good material composition, the machine pressure can be a little bit larger.
Four, to prevent pressure roller deformation, long downtime, must be the pressure roller pressure, its operating procedures are: hydraulic control valve to loosen first, separate the pressure roller and decorative pattern roller RIP, then stop.
Five, the suppression of different decorative pattern change pattern roller, roller bearing beam of the first 6 screws loosen, the transmission chain and decorative pattern on the roller heating tube, then the pattern on both ends of the roller and the upper part of the bearing to be removed, then the rope with a belt or soft and resilient set of balance can be raised in the roller. In the process of disassembly quality control, do not use iron roller or other hard objects to pry, pad and touch the surface of the decorative roller, to prevent damage to the roller.
6. If the pressure roller has obvious wear and deformation, it can be grinded to achieve the center degree required for uniform pressure.
Seven, equipment in use process, should pay attention to regular filling lubricating oil equipment, decorative pattern on both ends of the roller bearing filling calcium base molybdenum disulfide once a month, the pressure on both ends of the roller bearing, chain conveyor roller, oil cup daily 30 # engine oil filling time, cycloid pin gear planetary reducer oil change every operation 3 months at a time. Good lubrication can improve the performance and life of the embossing machine and ensure the quality of the product.